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Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem

Sewer Line Problems

Tree Roots Can Cause Major Problems Within a Sewage Line.

Issues with a home’s sewer line can become exceptionally messy and expensive to fix. Like most plumbing issues, however, you can save yourself a great deal of worry if you catch a sewer line problem early. Pay attention to the following signs of trouble, and call for immediate service should they appear.

Bad Smells

Since sewer lines are both buried underground and totally sealed, any smells of sewage should warrant immediate attention. If you smell these in your yard, you likely have an underground sewage leak. Smells of sewer within your house can become even more worrisome. An obstruction within your sewer line may have caused sewage to back up. As it nears your drains, you can expect the smell to grow stronger.

Vibrant Yard

Unusual patches in your yard usually appear for a reason. Vibrantly green areas can suggest either an irrigation leak, or a problem with your sewer line. As sewage leaks underground, it will act as fertilizer for the grass above. Pests such as rodents and insects will also gravitate toward a sewer leak. If you suddenly find yourself with an infestation, look to your sewer line as a possible culprit.

Slow Drainage

All of the drains in your home empty into the sewer line. Because of this, if multiple drains around your home appear clogged, the issue probably lies with the sewer. Encroached tree roots and accumulations of grease and other debris can create clogs that worsen over time. Eventually, the clog will become severe enough to force sewage up through your drains.

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