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Is your water heater costing you more than it should?

Hot water heater being serviced.

Signs of Water Heater Problems 

You wake up for work, hop in the bath for that nice warm shower as part of your morning routine, and BOOM! You got a cold wake-up instead! What was that all about? Yeah, you’re awake now, but you also know you may have a problem, and water heater repair or replacement was not on the agenda today. 

Maybe if you’d noticed a few things, you could’ve seen this about to happen and got the water heater repaired over the weekend. So what are some signs your hot water heater is going out? Here are some indicators telling you that water heater repair or replacement is going to be needed soon: 

  • Age – You probably don’t have a birthday party for your water heater; you save that for the cat and kids. However, you need to stay on top of how long you’ve had your water heater because by the tenth year, it is reaching the end of its life. If it’s a good quality water heater, repairs have been little to none, and the water quality is good, you could get upwards of 15 years. 
  • Puddles – You know the water is supposed to be inside the tank, right? So, when there are water puddles around the outside of the water heater, repair or replacement is needed. Before you call a professional for help, save yourself a little money by checking all the pipes and knobs and making sure everything is fitting as tightly as it should. 
  • Noises – A water heater will make some noises, but if it’s making noises more frequently and it’s getting louder, like an angry goblin coming from the closet, or you’re hearing clanking sounds and rumbling, you may have some sediment build up inside the tank. A good flushing will take care of that sometimes, but if you’ve never flushed it and the water heater is around 8 to 10 years old, water heater repair probably isn’t possible.
  • Rusty Water – If the water coming out of the faucets and spigots is a rusty brown or red, that could be from the water heater tank. Try draining it and let it refill again. If the water is still rusty, it is time for a new water heater installation. 
  • It’s Not Heating Well – Do you get one shower or one load of laundry done before you’re out of hot water? Have you adjusted the temperature on the unit and found it’s still not any better? You are beyond water heater repair at this point. Start shopping for the different types of water heaters on the market.

What is the average life of a water heater?

The average is between 8 years to 12 years, depending on few factors such as the quality of the water heater, the quality of the water, and how well you perform maintenance on the unit. If you never do the recommended flush routine, the sediment will keep stacking up inside the tank and affect its efficiency. Some areas have hard water, which has more sediment, and that can take a toll on any water heater. 

How do you know when to replace a hot water heater?

As it has been said, all good things must end, and that’s as true a statement with a water heater as with anything else. When it isn’t doing the job you need it to do, electric or gas water heater repair may be possible, but you need to be prepared for any of the following, because these mean it is time to replace the unit: 


As we mentioned earlier, you’re lucky to get 15 years from a water heater, especially if you never had to get water heater repairs! If it hasn’t gone out by its 15th birthday, you may consider replacing it anyway before it catches you with a cold shower one morning. 


If your water heater doesn’t offer a good volume of hot water, it is time to get a new unit.


A big part of your energy bill is used to heat water with the water heater. If that amount has gone up substantially lately, it could be because the water heater can’t keep up with the demand. It could also be too old or maybe even too small. 


If you’re seeing corrosion on the exterior of your water heater, that means it is leaking and there isn’t any safe water heater repair to fix that. Replace the unit soon! 


As we mentioned earlier, if you’re getting brown or red-colored water from the faucets or spigots, and draining the water heater tank didn’t help, it is time to replace the unit. 


If you have had several water heater repairs over the past year, and it’s giving you trouble again, it’s time to save that money and put it towards a new water heater. 

Plumber fixing a hot water heater.

In Conclusion 

Okay. Now you’re convinced you need a new water heater. Do your research so you know what types of water heaters are on the market today and what is the best choice for your home and your family. These aren’t just electric and gas water heaters anymore. There are choices such as tankless water heaters and high recovery water heaters that may be more suited for a large, busy family. For help figuring out which choice is best, or help with water heater repair in Dallas, TX if there’s still some life in it, call Tribeca Plumbing, Inc. at (214) 402-5454 today.