Many American homes use hard water as the main source of water in the house. Hard water is filled with natural minerals that it picks up as it travels through your pipes. Many specialists insist on the health benefits we can reap from hard water, but when it comes to your home, it can be pretty rough. Mineral laden water can cause corrosion in your plumbing, and buildup in water receptacles and faucets throughout your home. Many times, home owners turn to water softening treatments to address the issues caused by hard water. Read on to learn more about how water softeners can benefit your home!

Water Softeners: Benefits Across The Board

Hard water in fort worth, tx

Hard water weighing you down? Water softeners can help you in more ways than one!


Hard water can significantly damage your appliances, and shorten their lifespans with serious mineral buildup within the appliance components. Water softeners prevent mineral buildup, and thus prevent the hard water from wearing down your appliances.  This protects your appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators from unnecessary replacements!


Hard water minerals also cause buildups in your pipes. The minerals gathering in the pipes are bad enough alone, as a clogging agent, but to make matters worse, the shifting minerals also cause wear and corrosion. Rather than a pipe cleaning solution, you may need to replace many pipes completely if the problem is left unaddressed. Water softener reduces the minerals in the water, and prevents corrosion within your pipes.

Water Heating

The minerals in hard water also make it harder for your water heater to work. The minerals interfere with the water’s ability to transfer heat. Using water softener removes the minerals and allows your water heater to run smoothly, leading to faster access to hot water for you and your family.


Furthermore, minerals in hard water even prevent soap from foaming and bonding properly. This can be seen in soap scum, and rings around tubs and showers. This means that clothes and dishes with the home are also not being cleaned properly. Yuck! Water softener allows soap to do its job, and leads to a more hygienic home life.

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