Is Hydro Jetting Better Than Snaking?

Hydro Jetting

There probably isn’t a homeowner in the Dallas, Texas area that hasn’t experienced a clogged bathroom or kitchen drain. You’re busy cooking a holiday meal, or a busy household that keeps the bathroom busy with bathing, shaving, and teeth brushing. All of this can add up to a clogged drain, but a basic household plunger gets them flowing again … most of the time anyway. 

Sometimes though, those clogs are stubborn and tough, requiring professional plumbing services. When you have to call in the pros, there are different ways they have to bust those clogs apart. The most common way is snaking the drain, aka using a plumber’s snake, or today, there is the hydro jetting method. 

What is a plumber’s snake?

A plumber’s snake is a tool that will remove clogs and get that drain flowing again. No, it doesn’t look like a snake, but its shape is similar to a snake or hose. It is a flexible, long, metal cable that has an uncoiled spring, referred to as auger, on one end. The other end has a handle that operates the auger end. 

How does this tool remove clogs? 

There are plumber’s snakes available at your local hardware store that will enable you to clear the clog yourself. However, they aren’t as durable and powerful as a professional plumber has on their truck. It will come with instructions that start by inserting the spring end down the drain or into the P-trap. 

Then using the handle end, uncoil the spring, aka the snake, pushing firm but not too hard, slow and steady. When you feel pressured resistance, you’ve hit the clog. Next, wiggle the snake back and forth so that it grabs onto the blockage, and then slowly, turn the handle in the other direction, and it should pull up what was causing the block. 

What does hydro jetting do?

When the plumber doesn’t have any luck with the plumber’s snake, they will use their hydro jetting method. The name tells us that this method will use water to break the clog apart. The technique of hydro jetting cleans the plumbing lines by removing the clog by scouring the sewer line with high-pressured water. 

How does the hydro jetting method work? 

First, the plumber will inspect the inside of the sewer line using a small camera on a flexible cable inserted into the sewer line. This camera will record a video and send the pictures to a computer that shows the plumber the precise location and problem causing the clog. 

Clogs can be caused by clumps of solid waste that have accumulated or by tree roots. With this image, the plumber then determines the best method or may use a combination of plumber’s snake and hydro jetting to clear the clog. 

For the hydro jetting method, the plumber will insert a jetter, aka nozzle, into the sewer line at the cleanout. They turn the water on and the jetter sends a blast of water at a high-pressure blast into the sewer line. This high pressure of water travels down the sewer line, forcing the blockage to clear and flush the sewer line out. 

After the hydro jetting is complete, the plumber will send the camera into the line again to look for any damage that could have been caused by the clog. If there is damage, they can repair this by one of two methods: Pipe bursting or pipe lining.

What are the benefits of the hydro jetting method? 

Hydro jetting will cost a little more than the traditional plumber’s snake method, but the benefits make it worth that extra expense. Those benefits include: 

  • Effective: A plumber’s snake works great for minor clogs, but when the clog is severe or deeper in the sewer line, hydro jetting is more effective in opening the sewer line and clears any buildup and debris inside. 
  • Saves Money: While hydro-jetting costs more, it sufficiently clears the sewer line, preventing future clogging that requires the plumber to return too soon. 
  • Sanitary: Keeping your home healthy and sanitary is crucial, and when the drains and sewer lines are clogged, it can be unhealthy. With hydro jetting, those blockages and clogs are removed so that wastewater can drain away, keeping your home clean and healthy. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Hydro jetting doesn’t use any harsh products like over-the-counter products that get into the wastewater. Using nothing but clear water at a forceful rate is all hydro jetting uses! 
  • Versatile: Hydro-jetting works for plumbing in homes and businesses. It is one of the most versatile plumbing tools on the market today. 

In Summary

Not only is hydro jetting an environmental way of clearing clogs, but it is also safer for the pipes. However, if the pipes are old, there is a chance of hydro jetting damaging them. This is why it is important to have a professional plumber do the job is recommended. They inspect the drain and sewer lines before they begin, and will know when hydro jetting isn’t the right solution.