Treat Your Garbage Disposal Better

When is the last time you cleaned your garbage disposal? How have you been treating it, lately? We take garbage disposals for granted. Most people know how to treat their garbage disposals, but the devices are so durable that we unwittingly forget that they won’t work for us forever. Suddenly, we’re faced with a broken garbage disposal. That is, unless you start treating yours better.

Start Cleaning and Make Rules About Use

Garbage Disposal Under Sink

Treat Your Garbage Disposal Better

For a better-running disposal, start with a good clean. Use some baking soda and vinegar and let that sit for a few minutes. Then, rinse and run the disposal. This should clear up some residue that can build up over time and stall your disposal. It will also help with any odors. Make doing this a habit two or three times per month.

Then, start being more careful about how you use your disposal. If you know you have a habit of putting things in that you shouldn’t, stop doing that. Limit yourself to only very soft, organic materials. Rinse the disposal with water every time you use it. And, don’t run the disposal for a long period, or in close succession. It needs a break between grinding items.

Poorly-used garbage disposals may struggle or break down. This can also affect your sink plumbing in general. If you’re already struggling with your garbage disposal in Dallas, TX, contact your local plumbers at Tribeca Plumbing, Inc, at (214) 402-5454. Our plumbers have the skills to handle all your potential plumbing issues.