Do You Have a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous to your health and if left long enough can even lead to death. If you have gas lines in your home, you need to know the signs of a gas leak so that you don’t ever find yourself in a terrible situation. It is also to protect your animals and your neighbors as well. Below, we will discuss the possible symptoms that you may feel if you do in fact have a gas leak and also what to do in this case.

Signs You Have a Gas Leak

If your home is piped for gas, there are a few safety things that you should know and always be on the lookout for. For your own safety and for those around you, if you suspect that you have a gas leak, call 911 and get out of the home or building right away.

  • Dizzy
  • Smell of rotten eggs
  • Dying plants
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Hearing whistling sounds from gas pipe
  • Nauseousness

If you feel any of these or are noticing the smell of rotten eggs, it may very well be a gas leak. Ifg you know how to turn your gas off, do that right away and then call 911. Once you do this, it is best to leave the home. If you do end up with a gas leak, call Tribeca Plumbing, Inc. at (214) 402-5454 and we can get it fixed for you right away.