Garbage Disposal Protection: 5 Foods You Never Put Down the Disposal

It is common knowledge that garbage disposals are used to discard food waste and scrape. However, there are some types of foods that should never be placed in the garbage disposal. For garbage disposal protection, here are five foods you should never put down the garbage disposal.


In order for you to have garbage disposal protection, you should never put rice down the disposal. Rice is a food that will expand whether its fully cooked or not. If it’s dumped down the sink, the rice will swell and cause blockages in the disposal.


Chicken bones or ribeye steak bones, any kind of bone should never go down the disposal. Bones are too hard for the impellers to cut apart and if the bones do manage to get through the garbage disposal, they won’t be able to go down the pipes.


Garbage disposal protection is out of the question when you pour grease down the disposal. Since grease eventually cools down, it will just harden and cause blogs and blockages to your disposal and pipes.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds seem pretty harmless considering they are very small, but they can build up in the drain over time.


Whether it be potato peels or apple peels, they should never go down the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal impellers will turn the peels into a pulpy mixture that will eventually cause trouble for your disposal.

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