Gas Line Leaks: What To Look Out For

The smell of gas leaking has become a common smell that people know means something isn’t right. We have all smelled the propane from the bbq or when construction on major gas line are happening nearby, but what if we start to smell that inside our home? There are signs and symptoms that you need to look out for if you have a gas line running through your home. It is not always as apparent as you think, so paying attention when you start to have a feeling that something is wrong, is the best way to avoid any danger.


gas line

Chest pain
Trouble breathing

These are all common symptoms that you might experience if you are in a place for a while with leaking gas. Not only can these symptoms be annoying and troublesome, but they are very dangerous to your health. Gas is poisonous to your body and if you breathe it in for too long, you can end up dying from it. The same goes for animals as well. The best thing you can do is turn off your gas if you have a valve that you can find and call 911. The very next thing you need to do is grab everyone that is living in your home, including pets, and get out of the house right away. There is not only dangerous to your health but, if gas catches fire, it can blow your house up.

If you believe you have a gas leak, follow the directions above and then call Tribeca Plumbing, Inc. at (214) 402-5454 immediately following and we will be out to you right away to get the problem resolved.