What To Do During A Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies are a nightmare, and you’re very rarely expecting one to happen. However, when water is gushing all over the floor, you know that every minute matters if you want to prevent long-lasting water damage. Repairing a serious leak is generally above the skill level of your typical homeowner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your home from additional damage while you wait for your emergency plumber to arrive! Below are a few ways you can stop the water from damaging your home and belongings.

Shut Off The Water

This may seem obvious, but if you are new to home ownership, or if you’ve yet to experience a plumbing emergency, you may not know where you shut off valves are. Pro tip: Learn where all of the emergency valves are around your home before you run into an emergency. For smaller emergencies like an overflowing toilet, you can find a specific valve for the toilet on the wall behind it. for a burst pipe in the wall, or a main water line break, you will need to shut off the water to your entire house. That valve is usually located outside of the house, in your front yard. 


Temporary Pipe Repair Options

Once the water is shut off, you have a few options. If you might have to wait awhile for the plumber to arrive, you can look into temporary solutions. Epoxy Compounds are a great temporary fix for cast iron pipes, and you can find them at hardware stores. The safest option is to replace, but the compound should keep the leak contained ell enough that you can go back to using your water until a professional can assess the damage. Another option is pipe wraps. The wraps harden around leaks and seal them, but this solution is best left for minor leaks and cracks.


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