How Long Will It Take An Emergency Plumber to Get Here?

young man holding buckets under a leak

Dealing With Emergency Issues

Emergencies of any kind are not pleasant to deal with, and emergency plumbing is especially challenging. There never seems to be a problem with plumbing until there is an inopportune time!  But we all have a different opinion of what constitutes an emergency when it comes to plumbing. 

So, what counts as a plumbing emergency?

The following are typical examples of what a plumber will regard as emergency plumbing needs: 

  • Flooding 

Water damage is going to be considered a plumbing emergency when there is a heavy storm, and the sump pump fails. If that isn’t addressed immediately, your basement could flood, costing you more than an emergency plumbing service call. 

Pipes that aren’t insulated and bust when frozen can cause flooding is considered an emergency plumbing situation. To prevent this, investing in a leak detection system is recommended. 

  • No Water

When you realize that you do not have any water available, check with the utility company to make sure it hasn’t been cut off at the main for repairs. If that isn’t the issue, Is no water an emergency? Yes, if all is clear with the utility company, then you have an emergency plumbing issue. The plumber can inspect the issue and then provide a repair solution that gets your water flowing again.

  • Drains Clogged

A typical slow drain is not a plumbing emergency. However, if basic home remedy efforts do not open the clog and get your drain flowing again, you may have a major clog in the sewer line and that can create emergency plumbing problems. 

Is an overflowing toilet an emergency?

If there is an epitome of an emergency plumbing issue, an overflowing toilet would be the one! Who wants to clean up the bathroom after the toilet has overflowed, right? Not to mention the water damage that is being done while the floor is underwater. 

If you have another bathroom you can use, then wait to call the plumber during normal business days and hours. If you only have one toilet and everything you’ve tried has not unclogged it, then yes, you have an emergency plumbing problem. 

Is a leaking pipe an emergency?

It will depend on the size and location of the leak that determines if it is an emergency plumbing issue. Often, even the smallest of leaks can be because of a larger problem that isn’t visible. If you have noticed water stains on the ceiling or wall but there isn’t any water coming through, this plumbing matter can wait for a business day and business hour phone call. 

If water is coming through the area that is stained, then yes, you have an emergency plumbing situation that should be addressed immediately. What do you do in a plumbing emergency like that?  Find the main water cutoff and turn the water off to the entire house, then call an emergency plumbing service. 

As you wait for the plumber, take pictures in case you’re able to file this on your homeowner’s insurance.  Then use towels to soak up as much water as you can, or a wet/dry vacuum if possible. Place fans around the wet area to get dried out as quickly as possible to minimize the water damage. 

Should I call a plumber or do it myself?

It will all depend on the type of emergency plumbing issue and your ability to work with the tools needed to fix the problem. A clogged drain or toilet, try to plunge the clog yourself and save the emergency plumbing charges. If there is water everywhere and you don’t know anything about plumbing or have any tools, then you’ll too call an emergency plumbing service. 

Can you call a plumber in the middle of the night?

Yes, there are many plumbers and plumbing services that offer after-hours, holidays, and weekend emergency plumbing services. It is recommended to have one on your speed dial in case of an emergency plumbing need. If you don’t know a plumber to all, knowing how to get emergency plumbing service is all on the internet these days, or if you still have yellow pages, look one up! Be sure to let the plumber or plumbing service know where you got their number.

young woman plunging a clogged sink

In Closing 

Is emergency plumbing more expensive? You can expect to pay up to three times what a plumbing service call would be on a normal day during business hours. But, if you don’t call for an emergency plumbing service, the damage that could happen while you’re waiting for Monday morning could be more expensive. As we mentioned earlier, considering making the investment in a leak detection system could save you those expensive and unwanted emergency plumbing service calls when it comes to busted water lines.